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Gadsden Flag


Gadsden Flag

Item Numbers: 1962, 316410, 1859, 1822051, 060742, 060743, 060744, 1857, PATCH-GADSDEN, DECAL-GADSDEN, DESKFLAG-GADSDEN
Item #PATCH-GADSDEN: Gadsden Iron-On Patch is out of stock at this time.

Item #DESKFLAG-GADSDEN: 4" x 6" Gadsden Desk Flag is out of stock at this time.

Don't tread on Me is the inscription on the Gadsden flags. The military flag of the first commander of the U. S. Navy, Esek Hopkins. It takes the popular name from Colonel Christopher Gadsden, who gave a replica of the original to the S.C. Provincial Congress. In recent years, this is better known as the "Tea Party Flag".

Our authentic historical reproductions of flags from American history are popular with collectors or as part of patriotic displays.  The historical flags are manufactured with the same high quality outdoor construction as our state and international flags.   All historical flags are 3x5' or as marked.  Larger historical flag sizes and designs are available upon request as a custom flag.